Core competitiveness
  • Vertical integration and bulk delivery of metal structural parts
    Precision mechanical parts (BOX, heat sink): vertical integration capability from Metal Injection Molding material to CNC machining and electrolytic plating. 285 sets of high-speed CNC machining centers ensureshigh volume delivery capacity.
  • High - order optical lens design and manufacturing capability
    Innovative optical product development capabilities: state-of-the-art optical manufacturing capabilities and outstanding optical coating capabilities. In the fields like optical communications, opto-electronic sensors, LiDAR etc, we developed a number of high performance products for various customers. Including the unique Vortex lens design and manufacturing technology, as well as the absorption-type attenuation coating technology, enable customers to achieve unparalleled performance in high-end optical modules.
  • Advanced full process manufacturing capability in Lidar optical Windows industry
    LiDAR optical components: own the full manufacturing process capability from tooling manufacturing, injection molding, hard coating, optical coating and module assembly; thus we have strong competitiveness on both technology and cost. XJH is always striving to be an industrial leader of ultra-precision optical components manufacturer.
  • Mature optical core research and development capability
    XJH has an optical research and development team whose members are either from the Chinese Academy of Sciences or oversea institutes. We own matured optical design technology, nano-level precision tooling design and manufacturing technology, high performance optical coating technology based on polymer substrate and other cutting-edge technologies. XJH is committed to the development and production of products in consumer electronics, biomedical engineering, smart home, AR/VR, LiDAR, optical communication and so on.
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